Baltimore Museum of Art Union

In July of 2022, our colleagues voted overwhelmingly (89-29) in support of our union! We are now in the midst of the collective bargaining process and negotiating our first contract!

Special thanks to Mayor Brandon Scott, Delegate Brooke Lierman, Baltimore City Comptroller Bill Henry,  Baltimore County Executive Johnny O and all of our community supporters for championing our union and making this victory possible. We are proud to join all of you and workers across our incredible city in saying Baltimore is a union town!

We need a union at the Baltimore Museum of Art because empowered workers make us better.

We need a union at the Baltimore Museum of Art because a union validates experiences, empowers voices and recognizes the impact and efforts of its workers, making for a more intentio

We need a union at the Baltimore Museum of Art because every person deserves a living wage and a positive working environment.

I support our Baltimore Museum of Art Union because the culture of “it’s a privilege to work for a museum” must be changed!

I support a union at the BMA because it connects colleagues across departments. This enables us to support each other and solve work issues together and holistically.

Bargaining Updates

Yesterday we met with BMA leadership and received 10 counter proposals, including wages. If we’re being honest, we were disappointed by much of what management presented to us yesterday. While there was some progress on both economics and non-economics, we remain far apart on some basic components of how we believe equitable and fair wages should be established at the BMA.