Community Letter of Support

We, the undersigned — as community organizations, labor unions, artists, and concerned community members — enthusiastically support the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) Union. We believe workers in the BMA Union bring necessary perspective to the museum’s decision-making process and help build a more inclusive, diverse and equitable institution.

According to Baltimore Museum of Art’s vision statement, BMA strives to embody its commitment to excellence, fairness, relevance and social justice by listening to the needs of its visitors. We believe the needs of workers should also be top priority. As a community, we stand by BMA workers who are forming a union to improve working conditions and increase accountability for museum administration.

As a civic institution, BMA should recognize that its workers are in the best position to advocate for their collective interest and the interests of the Baltimore community whom they serve. Recognizing BMA Union an important step in creating a museum that is welcoming to all, and also positions BMA closer to its goal of being one of the strongest publicly engaged institutions across the country.

We are calling on museum administration to recognize BMA Union through a fair union process that includes all workers.

Rahne Alexander, Artist
Djamil Arbia, Art lover & enthusiast
Michael Ayres, IBEW LU24
Madeline Becker, independent artist, former security gaurd of the BMA, and current member of IATSE Local 487
Eli Ben-Yaacov, Community Member
Dan Bennett, IBEW Local 24
Fran Bjork, Community Member
Abby Bjork, Community Member
Garrett Bowman, IBEW 24
Anna Brackett, Community Member
Julie Buisson, Phillips Programs
April Camlin, Artist
Emily Campbell, Former BMA Employee
Kathleen Cancio, Community Member
Jack Carey, Community Member
Sharon Carey, Artist
Tom Carey, Baltimore County Public Schools retired
Tom Carey, Retired Baltimore County Public Schools
Anny Chen, Artist
Cindy Cheng, Artist
Rira Choi, Johns Hopkins University
Lenny Clark, IBEW
Molly Cohen, Baltimore Museum of Industry
Monique Crabb, Artist
Bonnie Crawford, Artist
Jennifer Cudek, Community Member
Madeleine Cutrona, Artist
Amrita Dang, self-employed
Rhys Davis, Community Member
Elena DeBold, Artist
Alex DeJong, Community Member
Mona Demone, Former BMA Employee
Riley Dennis, Artist
Ashish Dhakal, St. John's College
Liz Donadio, Artist
Mitchell Donnelly, Clean water action
Morgan Dowty, Former BMA Employee
Anna Droege, Community Member
Cristina Duncan Evans, Community Member
Maria Emilia Duno, MICA
Alex Ebstein, Artist
Debra Elfenbein, Community Member
Angie Elliott, Former BMA Employee
Siân Evans, Maryland Institute College of Art
Nora Fakhri, Community Member
Uriah Findley, Artist
Anna FItzgerald, Former BMA Employee
Elizabeth Flyntz, DOOR3 Design
Weston Foster, Community Member
Blair Franke, Community Member
Zoe Friedman, Artist
Chris George, Community Member
Allison Gulick, Community Member
Ben Halling, IBEW LU#24
Amelia Hazen, Community Member
Amy Hecht-Zizes, Community Member
Gabby Hemmer, Community Member
Jessica Herceg, Community Member
Sophie Hess, Community Member
Helen Hofling, Artist
Rebekah Horowitz, Museum Member
David Jackson, Community Member
Robin Jacobs, Community Member
Jacob Jacobson, Community Member
Scarlet Jimenez, Museum Member
Karen Jutzi, Yale University Local 34
Erin Kelly, Community Member
Jen Kirby, Museum Services Contractor
Alexandria Kirchhoff Corrie, Community Member
Yaakov Komisar, IBEW 24
Lauren Ann Read Koslow, Community Member
Dean Krimmel, Museum colleague
Anna Kroll, Artist
Mary Lacy, Community Member
Kevin LaMonica, Johns Hopkins University
David Langkamp, AICWU organizing committee member
Kim Leith, Community Member
Talia Lieber, Former BMA Employee
Angel Light, Former BMA Employee
Tony Lugo, Artist
Robin Marquis, Artist
Chase Martin, IBEW LU 24
Abigail Maxim, Community Member
Nicole McCann, Community Member
Rebecca McGivney, Intern at the Baltimore Museum of Art
Duncan McGraw, United Grad Workers of the University of New Mexico
Meredith Mitchell, Community Member
Sophie Moore, Community Member
Ines Nassara, Artist
Victoria Nefflen, Greater Baltimore Democratic Socialists of America
Carolann Newgent, Community Member
Cristina Nigro, Community Member
Kari Nye, Community Member
Risa Ono, Community Member
Margaret Palmquist, Democratic Socialists of America
Suzanne Phillips, Community Member
Isabella Pittman, Artist
Molly Porter, Community Member
Jack Powell, IBEW local 24
Antonette Quintilian, Community Member
Micah Raymond, Community Member
Jessica Reed, Community Member
Christina Reitemeyer, Community Member
Alanna Rivera, Artist
Adam Rizzo, Philadelphia Museum of Art Union
Margaret Rogers, Former BMA Employee
Kathryn Sherr, Community Member
Glen Smakula, Former BMA Employee
Grace Smith, Sudbrook Magnet Middle School
Bruce Smith, Community Member
Mary Ellen Smith, Community Member
Garrett Stralnic, Walters Art Museum Worker
Martin Thompson, Community Member
Sarah Tooley, 901 Arts
Lucia Treasure, Artist
Michelle Uckotter, Former BMA Employee
Carlos Vellanoweth, AFSCME DC 36
Boris Volfson, Community Member
Dylan Volk, Community Member
Ruby Waldo, The Walters Art Museum worker
Madeline Wells, Community Member
Haniel Wides, Station North Tool Library
Tyler Williams, Community Member
Margot Yale, Community Member
Jean Yang, Community Member
Joshua Yeagley, Museum Member
Chloe Zaebakhsh, Community Member